Students can study from the UK or overseas. We have students all over the world. As long as you have an internet connection you can study (e.g. from an oil rig offshore is fine). 

Students will have a variety of previous qualifications – fill in an online application form to find out if you qualify. Some successful applicants will have no formal qualifications, but have relevant experience or interests, whilst others will have PhDs, or bachelor degrees in other subjects – all levels in between these are also considered.

 A typical student will have equivalents to UK A-levels (school leaving qualifications at 18 years of age) plus a degree in another subject (e.g. BA Modern languages, BA History, BSc Physics, BSc Computer Science etc.). Lack of a science background is not an impediment to study as we include refresher science and maths in all our modules (the level of maths on compulsory courses is never above school-leaving level, but some optional courses have degree level maths – basically don’t worry about the maths – we will help). About 60% of our students have previous degrees, but now wish to change their lives and turn to Earth and Planetary Sciences. Other students will have professional qualifications/experience in other subjects (e.g. Chartered accountants or engineers, teaching qualifications, military qualifications, self-employed experience). Others successful applicants will only have school leaving qualifications, but have relevant experience, and most importantly the drive to succeed now that they are older, mature students. 

The key thing is that we will consider all applicants on their individual merit – fill in an application form and we will make a judgement about whether we think you will be able to gain access to the University of London. We have had many students gain first class degrees who initially thought that they had no chance of securing a place at university. We take pride in helping such students achieve their potential and the dream of a university degree. We have recently been graded 5thout of the 29 departments teaching Geology in the subject league tables from the UK Complete University Guide – this shows that we can take the non-traditional backgrounds of our students and produce world-class results for them. 

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Students must be able to prove an adequate level of English prior to admission to the courses. This is assessed through formal English tests or at interviews that we conduct, face-to-face or via Skype.