Accreditation via online distance learning – why do you need it?

Our degree is the only one worldwide where you can gain professional accreditation via distance learning. The Geological Society of London has examined our degree and given it “accreditation” which is the first step on the route to “Chartered geologist” status, a recognised professional qualification. You are likely to need a recognised professional qualification to gain employment in the USA, Canada and Australia and other countries. Details of this and links to the international importance of accreditation are given below.

Geological Society of London
Our degree is the only one worldwide where you can gain accreditation via distance learning. Details of our accreditation are given at this site >>

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Geological Society of London accreditation means that you can the apply for “Professional Certification” by the American Association of Petroleum Geologist (Chartered geologist), and our degree is the only one worldwide where this can be achieved via distance learning. See here for more details >>

Australian Institute of Geoscientists
Professional registration is also an upcoming issue in Australia where a debate is ongoing about how to become “chartered”. See the Australian Institute of Geoscientists website (below). Get ahead of the game and gain an accredited BSc Geology with us – we are the only route to this via distance learning worldwide. See
here and here for more details >>

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
Accreditation also means that you would help with eligibility to become a member of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists – see here for more details>>